From Writer

Carl G. Tayo
Poetry and essentials, The drive

Everyone has a passion, or a love for something or even, some aspect of their being, which they have strong feelings about.

Some unique factor, which can cause the individual to maintain silence and sink into the depths of thought.

For me, that passion, is poetry. It is my drive.

My personal favorites include Chaucer( The canterbury tales) and Langston HughesPlus an all time best, William Shakespear.

In this site, are several pages. In ‘My very own’ I have put up poems that I have written myself, and am sure you will find them fascinating. Be sure to visit that page.

The love dome, a compilation of the best poems on love.

Race, the struggle, looks onto the matter of race, and how far people have come, a true reflection.

The quote gallery, a compilation of quotes, I believe will be of great help.

Poetry, how far, entails a brief history on poetry and how far it has gone.


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