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  Carl Tayo           

I lay roses from the tip of the door,

gradually to the end of the staircase,

In my hand a rainbow bouquet,

partially filled with French roses,

prayers, and Love poems.

I wait for you darling,

I wait for that bell ring,
I wait for you,

as I did before I got your attention,

I wait for you that I may stroke your hair,

I wait for you, that even as you tire,

I prepare my harp, flute and lyre,
That I may swing you away,

into the world of your desires.


Carl Tayo

Because we are all thinking the same,

we are,

 heroes, emergent,

discoverers of a way of thinking,

a manner of thought,

pacifists, oh! but  we conquer,

residents, proclaimers of peace,

Kings and queens in our own nature,

Studious, but we are mellow,

standing out in all our yellow,

expressing love in all its majesty,

using it to engulf all our travesties,

And so we remain rooted,

declaring our flaws no longer our captors,

casting them asunder,
Gazing not just onto the light of the stars,

but rather fully into the glare of the sun,

for in our eyes, are diamonds,

our sight christened by their light,

uncapped unmeasured ,

merely flattered by its shine.
Yes, we are strange,

for we agree with those that call us peculiar,

for we are not ordinary,

we agree with those who have called us ‘not beautiful’,

for we are beyond beauty
Invincible, existing beyond the human scope,

sympathetic to those who refuse to notice us,

for we are destined for greatness.
For indeed, we are heroes, emergent,

explorers, discoverers of a new way.