​Carl Tayo

Culmination of hunger,

the derivation of thirst,

the beginning of sadness,

the future, further into darkness,

in the frame though, brightest,

silence, just colours, soon to be past,

single handedly a mother and a father,

inside the deepest of lovers,

outside the hardest of metals,

aneurysm of desire,

castigation by fear,

socially degraded, mentally sedated,

socially associated, mentally eliminated,

physically annointed, emotionally unattended,

lyrically appointed, sensually unattached,

totally in synch, 

in order with the past,

unavailable to the present, 

ever present in the past,

streamlined, in awe of what I achieved before,

agitated and embroiled by what I have become,
Off balance not ready for the future,

clarity of vision, plenty of resolutions

Elated, and overjoyed by this high notes,

spritually availed, 

uplifted and segregated by this flow,

floating, above and rising,

threatened, in the fear and weakness stirring,

confused, but straightforward in writing,

random rulers, seldom in power,

random beggars, seldom next to the flowers,

No rhyme scheme,

the scheme is my vision.