As we search, Redemption


And as this songs give us meaning
As this peace we search for gives us prosperity,
As this love, that we so endeavor to acquire, lasts for eternity,
As this honor that we soldiers endeavor to attain, outlasts us,
As this climax that we strive to reach draw nearer,
As this magnificence that we desire, even if we do not declare,
Glare onto us,

For though, we seem to be mere beings,
Creations, of the almighty,
Though we swell in the presence of folly,
Though we appear to be no more flesh and bones,
Though for some reason, we seem to be the weakest of the galaxies,
Restrained and withheld by the magnitude  of our anomalies,
For fallen have we,
Hurt, bruised,
But we are surviors,
Lovers of the struggle,
For we embrace the scars,
Though we love this metallic cars,
We even more appreciate the images,
The pictures of our past,
As we glare onto those dark windows,
From our bright side.

And as we are held back,
Patience our companion,
We endeavour to be mighty,
To scrape the scales,
To render this flaws no more our captors,
That our ugliness may turn into beauty,
That our darkness may be overshadowed by the light,
And that we may find salvation in our redemption.


By Carl Tayo


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